What is a wiki?

How to:

Add Hyperlinks

To add hyperlinks, click the insert link icon: hyperlink.gif Be sure to choose External Link. Type in the Link Text (the name of the website, NOT the URL) along with any description of the site. Copy and paste the URL in the address box, then click OK.

Font Color and Style

1. Edit your page.
2. Highlight the text you wish to format.
3. Click on the text formatting icon in the toolbar external image textcolor.gif.
4. Format the text as you wish and click “Apply Style.”

Pictures and Files

You can include pictures and files in your pages easily using the visual editor. When in the visual editor:
  • Click the image icon which looks like a tree in a box external image image.gif
  • Use the 'Upload New File' to upload a picture or file that has been saved to your H or R drive on the network or from a flash drive or CD.
  • Put the cursor at the position on the page where you wish to put the image or file
  • Find the image or file in the Images & Files dialogue box
  • Double click the image or file to put it on the page

Embedding videos, podcasts or other HTML Files

  • Go to the embed widget button on the toolbar that looks like a television .external image embed.gif
  • Choose the type of media you would like to embed, such as YouTube or Google Calendar
  • For each application, there will be instructions for copying the HTML from that application's site and pasting it in the widget tool's box.
  • Once you have embedded the widget to your page, "Save" your page.